Utah Outdoor Fun is dedicated to providing you with information about the many fun outdoor activities all around the state of Utah including hiking, biking, rock climbing, snow shoeing, skiing, cross country skiing and more. Every time I meet new people I learn about beautiful places and fun adventures here in Utah that I didn’t know about before. So I started this blog as a way to share them with everyone. Browse around and look at the different places you could go for a multi-day adventure, an afternoon outside or a fun date. No matter where you are you can find something fun to do outdoors in this blog. Feel free to email me your favorite activity/place and I will try to include it in my next post. You can email me at DustinACook@gmail.com. Enjoy!

Cross Country Skiing on the Rim of Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon, Utah

About the Author of this Blog:  I am an outdoor adventurer on the weekends and work as a business developer during the week so I can eat.  In my spare time when I am not out on an adventure or blogging I volunteer with Utah Country Search and Rescue, helping people who have gotten in a little over their heads get back home safe.  I hope this blog helps you enjoy the great outdoors we have in Utah a little more.

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  1. Hi, is there still snow there now? I am thinking of visiting this weekend. Thanks

  2. George says:

    Dude, figure out how to monetize this blog. Toss an advertisement in here and there for Intermountain and get the brass to comp you for click-through traffic.

  3. Dori says:

    Wow! Great blog and amazing photos. I moved back to Utah a few years ago and am constantly amazed by the beauty. I look forward to checking out your recommendations.

  4. Bryan G says:

    Love the blog and pix. Also, when’s the next blog?

  5. Jason Dryker says:

    Cool stuff, check out our blog at utahcountyoutdoors.com

  6. Jason Dryker says:

    Love this blog! also check out utahcountyoutdoors.com

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